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Top 20 Cydia Apps and Tweaks iPhone\iPod touch\iPad

20 great cydia apps and tweaks for the iphone ipod touch and ipad Get the tweaks for FREE: add the sources below http:\ http:\\ http:\\ 1.QuickScroll 2.Action Menu 3.iwhiteboard 4.syncronicity 5.droidlock xt 6.gpower 7.springtomize 8.multifl0w 9.bigify 10.alertartist 11.stealthcam 12.yourtube 2 13.move2unlock 14.flipover 15.camerawallpaper 16.color keyboard 17.masks 18.fakeclockup 19.folderenhancer 20.voiceactivator
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How to download iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Apps for FREE

READ THE DESCRIPTION ———————————————————- Things you will need: 1. Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2. Cydia (You get this after Jailbreaking) 3. Wifi Internet, EDGE or 3G ———————————————————- **Note** I am not held responsible for any damages that this video did to your iPod. Do this at your own risk. Also, download cracked Apps so that you know what you get in the full paid App. If satisfied, buy the App on iTunes/Apple App Store to support the App’s Development. Installous is just used to try the full apps if it is really worth it. If you found out that it isn’t worth it, uninstall the App. (I don’t see this happening though) To support Anti-Piracy, pay for the full App if you are satisfied with the one you got from Installous and delete the cracked app afterwards after your purchase at the App Store. ———————————————————- Instructions 1.Open Cydia 2.Add Source “” 3.Search for “Installous” 4.Install “Installous” 5.Run “Installous” 6.Download Apps 😉 ———————————————————- Q & A Q Whats the name of the song? A: Viva La Vida by Coldplay Q: How do you jailbreak a iPhone or a iPod Touch A: Watch this: Q: There is an error when downloading A: Use other links until you find the one that works. Q: Can I use Installer to download Installous? A: Umm, no. Q: Is this illegal? A: Yup. Q: Why does this

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