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Emulador de Game Boy Advance para iPhone/ iPod T/ iPad

Instala un Emulador de Game Boy Advance de forma muy sencilla. Instrucciones: Entra en Cydia, ve a Gestion/ Repos y añade el siguiente repositorio: Luego ve a Buscar y buscaremos la siguiente aplicación “gpsPhone” Instala el que pone “gpsPhone + Bios” y reinicia el iPhone. Para meter juegos al iPhone hazlo en la siguiente ruta por SSH: private/var/mobile/media/roms/gba Despues de meter cualquier juego reiniciar el Dispositivo para evitar errores. Paginas para descargar Roms (Juegos): Como instalar SBSettings y otras aplicaciones utiles: Como entrar por SSH a tu iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad: Para descargar iPhone Explorer:

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Classic Game Room HD – DEFENDER CHRONICLES for iPod

Classic Game Room HD reviews DEFENDER CHRONICLES for iPod! This realtime strategy game puts you in charge of forces defending your gate from never-ending hordes of enemies! Fun! This CGRHD review of Defender Chronicles has gameplay footage from Defender Chronicles on iPod published by Chillingo. Take command of warriors, archers, mages, berzerkers and more in this amazingly fun and addictive game of good vs. evil. Scroll around the screen with your finger, tap on soldiers and icons to make events happen and have a blast wiping out hundreds of villains per level. Includes unlockable content and challenge modes, available for iPod Touch, iPhone and downloadable at iTunes. Defender Chronicles in an iPod app video game, CGRHD reviews iPod apps as an iPod video game reviewer reviewing video games for iPod and iTouch. Defender Chronicles is a real time strategy game RTS for iPod and iPhone with swords, bows and arrows and magic!

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Classic Game Room reviews TOKYO XTREME RACER 2 for Dreamcast

This is the LAST original Classic Game Room review recorded from season 1 in 2000. This swan song from the original CGR team is a review of the tremendous TOKYO XTREME RACER 2 for the Sega Dreamcast, the sequel to Tokyo Extreme Racer 1. Modifiy your cars and race them on the highway against competing gangs! Excellent gameplay, addictive features and mesmerizing action made this game one of the more unique racers on the Dreamcast. It was an improvement from Tokyo Xtreme Racing 1 with more cars, a bigger highway system and more customizable options. The footage shows the amount of fun we had and mayhem that we caused while tearing around the freeways in Los Angeles in our Nissan Skyline and Acura NSX (even though the cars weren’t really called that in the game)). Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 is a must have for fans of the Sega Dreamcast looking for a fun and exciting driving game that doesn’t quite fit the mold of games like Ferrari F355 Challenge or Test Drive Le Mans. If you like import tuners and modifying your car with huge mufflers, wings and body moldings… and then going out on gang war crusades against lame ass games in Tokyo (or LA, whatever) then this game is for you! Classic Game Room brings you the best in video game reviews from all kings of game systems and arcade classics, past and present!

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Classic Game Room HD – SILENT SCOPE for iPod review

Classic Game Room HD reviews SILENT SCOPE for iPod Touch and iPhone. This port of the arcade classic shooter on rails packs the massive arcade cabinet nto the tiny iPod. Shoot bad guys and terrorists with your sniper rifle and save the day, Silent Scope is cool because the gun peripheral itself was awesome, the game relies on sniping and precision and was cheesy and outrageous. This version on the iPod is has some awkward gameplay because you move the sight around with your finger, and it seems clunky at times with double tapping. It is not a replacement for Silent Scope by any means but it is still a fun game to play on the go. Silent Scope is from Konami who has been bringing many games to the iPod like Metal Gear Solid Touch and they do a nice job with Silent Scope, even if it lacks the awesome sniper rifle accessory.

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How to get Pokemon or any other GBA game on your Ipod touch/Iphone Free

This is a really cool video on how to get pokemon or any other gameboy game on your ipod free and easy!! **Your ipod must be JAILBROKEN*** Have fun and enjoy. Sources:

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The 4 Elements of Game

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The 4 Elements of Game

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Classic Game Room HD – METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH for iPod

Classic Game Room HD reviews METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH for iPod Touch and iPhone from Konami. This adbridged version of MGS4 has drastically different gameplay from its big brother but makes for one of the best iPod action games available from iTunes. The Metal Gear Solid Touch video game app on iPod Touch and iPhone has awesome game play featuring Solid Snake and the other characters from MGS4 . This is an arcade shooter style game where you pop up from cover with Snake’s M4 and MVS sniper rifle and take out PMCs and other enemies. Awesome and fun, it even has the musical score from Metal Gear Solid 4. Spend Drebin points on artwork in the store and use the MGS Touch artwork as your iPod background.

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Asphalt 6: Adrenaline – iPhone/iPod touch – Game Teaser

Coming in December 2010 on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Vehicle list also available:

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Real Football 2010 – iPhone/iPod touch game modes trailer

Now available on the App Store: Click here for more info about the game: Real Football – the #1 football game on the App Store – is back for the most exciting season yet! The only football game on the App Store with an online multiplayer mode and 3GS quality graphics!!!

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Classic Game Room HD – iPOD TOUCH 32GB review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the 32GB iPOD TOUCH handheld thingy that does lots of stuff and plays video games. The Apple iPod was originally intended for music, then video, then phones and now video games! Love it or hate it, the iPod has a long life ahead of it and is going face to face with the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP in the handheld video game market. Thousands of games, lower priced games starting at .99 cents and loads of quality titles available as app downloads from iTunes make the iPod touch a pretty cool machine to have. It may cost a lot but the games are so much cheaper than in the end you’ll probably save money with an iPod for gaming. Although it was not designed specically for video games developers have found ways to make it work. Touch screen controls, tilt controls and motion controls can all be used to make some really neat Atari-era style arcade inspired games. Classic gamers and retro gamers alike can find many affordable video game apps at the iPod iTunes store to download. The iPod Touch (or iTouch) is veyr similar to the iPhone except it is not a phone, which I think is a good thing. I hate expensive phones. iPod touch is not for everyone but it is a good alternative for wifi internet, email, video games, movies and music on the go. This Classic Game Room hardware review looks at the new 32 GB iPod Touch iTouch handheld Apple thing that plays video games and more. The iPod touch is worth a look for classic gamers looking for gaming on the go.

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