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White iPod Touch Unboxing! (2011 Refresh)

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49000+ VIEWS!!! Follow me on twitter: any questions, ask me or Enjoy (comment) title says all the ipod touch that im using is chickenball77’s ipod check out matt129595’s vids
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Top 30 Cydia Tweaks of 2011 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

My personal top 30 Cydia tweaks of 2011. Tweet this video: The tweaks chosen are both new and old, popular and unpopular. 30 is a big number so, I hope that most of you are able to find a tweak that you will enjoy having onyour iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The tweaks are my personal picks and we all will have our opinion. I know that there are allot of other awesome Cydia tweaks that I was unable to mention but, feel free to tell us about them in a video response or comment. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe for more over iOS devices. Please also comment and thumbs up as well as follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you! Repos where you can find most of these tweaks (not all but, most if you get them) – – – The top 30 – Tab+ Mutilconmover Infiniboard Infinidock SBSettings Alphacon Android Delete Graviboard Grid Lock Animate Battery Winterboard Flipover List Launcher Cy Delete Folder Enhancer Pull to Refresh Safari RetinaPad Barrel Camera Wallpaper icon renamer double tap to open Pagenames iSwipe Stayopened iTypeappleicon retina app icons page pusher Bytafont AndroidLock XT Insomnia The Site: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook: Donate: Top 30 Cydia Tweaks of 2011 Top 30 Cydia Tweaks of 2011 Top 30 Cydia Tweaks of 2011
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Jailbroken on 4.2 or 4.2.1 with Redsn0w? Hate having to go through the tedious process of preforming a tethered boot? Want a way to simply set your iDevice into DFU mode and click once to boot up? Well then this video is for you! Steps: 1.Download all of the files below 2. Check iTunes and make sure it’s at 10.1.1 (if not download the latest version below) 3. Open the Redsn0w rar file and open the folder that corresponds to your operating system 4. Drag both files to your desktop 5. Make sure the firmware for your iDevice is on your desktop as well 6. Make a new folder (the name doesn’t matter, we can change it later) — MAC users CAN SKIP this step 7. Put your firmware AND Redsn0w in the folder 8a. PC users ONLY – Create a new shortcut by right clicking on the desktop, going to new then to shortcut – move to step 9 8.b Mac users ONLY — All you have to do is open the .command file with AppleScript Editor and edit the firmware name, the location and name of the folder to correspond with your iDevices firmware name, the folder name and its location — move to step 11 9. Open the text file and copy the “Target” and “Start in” lines to the “shortcut” tab in the properties window of the shortcut you just created 10. Edit the firmware name, the location and name of the folder to correspond with your iDevices firmware name, the folder name and its location 11. Set your device into DFU mode by following these steps: a. Hold down the home AND power buttons together for a total of
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2011 Refreshed iPod Touch Unboxing

2011 Refreshed iPod Touch Unboxing

A quick unboxing of Apple’s 4th Generation iPod Touch. Check Out Our Site – Follow Me on Twitter! –
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My top 20 iPod touch/iPhone apps!

These are my top 20 apps for the iPod touch/iPhone. Follow me on twitter!
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Top 10 iPhone & iPod touch Games Ever – July 2011 edition- Best apps of all time

The best iPhone and iPod touch apps of all time as of June 2011 Icebreaker hockey Cover orange Gears Spikey’s bounce around Ovenbreak
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Top Cydia Sources — NEW!!! 2011, Works with 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.3.1 on iPhone 4 and 4th gen iTouch

MACOSMOVIL IS DOWN!!! My choice of TOP Cydia Sources, ALL you need!! My channel — My iDevice Blog — NEW Cydia 1.1.1 Review — My lyrics channel — i4iPhones/UnlimVideos homepage — /********* NOTE *********/ This is my first video for this type of stuff, I know A LOT about iPhones & iPods. The next videos I’m uploading will be much shorter and there will be no load time shown. (This one was long so I could describe ^^this^^ in the video) If there is a specific iPhone / iPod Touch tutorial you’d like to see, comment on MY CHANNEL I do have 2 iPhones and an iPod, but my newer iPhone broke :( Also I can’t do any iPad reviews because I don’t have one at the moment. When I get one, I’ll do those :) ////////////////////////////////// My top 7 ESSENTIAL Sources!! ///////////////////////////////// 1.) — A VERY good repo to have, has most Cydia apps and a few that aren’t in Cydia! — 2.) *******DOWN******** — My FAVORITE source, it’s number two because it’s mostly in Spanish. Updates out as soon the original Cydia app comes out — 3.) — Contains A TON of apps, (probably too many XD, contains a lot of themes). It’s my number three because it takes too long to reload — 4.) — From the maintainers of UnlimVideos, VERY convenient source. Small, stripped source with essential mods and tweaks — 5.) — The infamous

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