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Top 10 iPod Touch Apps

Want to get a head start on all the hottest apps for your iphone or ipod touch? Check out this video showing you a preview of the top 10 apps available right now for iPod Touch and iPhone.

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Quick Way to Get Your iPod Touch in DFU Mode

Here’s a really helpful video that shows you a quick way to get your iPod Touch or iPhone into DFU mode.

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How to Block Ads on iPod Touch 2.1

This is a great tutorial if those ads on 2.1 are getting in your way.

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How to Get a 5 Icon Dock on iPod Touch 2.0

Here’s a great tutorial that shows you how to get 5 icons on your dock. This is for iPod Touch 2.0, should also work fine on iPhone 2.0.

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iLighter for iPod Touch 2.0

Check out the iLighter for iPod Touch 2.0. The latest in the iMagic series, this one is really cool.

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iPod Touch 2.0 Software Review

Wondering you get with an upgrade to Firmware 2.0 on your iPod Touch? Check out this video for all the details on the 2.0 software.

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Downloading Games To iPod Touch – How To Get iPod Touch Game Downloads?

With the initiation of the touch screen interface for iPods touch when the Touch came out, new portions got added to the humble iPod to earn it better than ever and more and more flexible in the realm of mobile entertainment for the individual on the go. And the a good number of compelling addition to the iPod touch compared to other iPods before, it was an overall new slew of games using the device’s touch screen as controls. For the iPod touch owner who is furthermore a gamer at heart, this can be a dream true now, not merely can you play music or videos on your device, but play games and carry on setting new high level scores on their iPod. And the better half is that you can download
and install new games on your iPod touch to deal even greater experience when you play the games you want.

There are a lot of ipod touch games springing out, because the iPod Touch/iPhone is a new platform at which they ipod touch game developers can create new games or upgrade versions of their bestselling ipod touch games for iPod touch gamers to play. You will be able to choose particular games that you want to get when you browse available ipod touch gaming download sites. There are new titles for the ipod touch games, and there are new versions of old games that are loved by most in their simplicity, like the classic bejeweled game. You can download whatsoever game you wish and enjoy it all on your iPod touch.From puzzle games to arcade, sports games to racing, there are a lot of games accessible for downloading to your iPod touch so that you will not continually have to feel bored again. Games in any genre that you enjoy playing are available, a multitude of them at a price.

However, there are in addition some ways that you can get games on your iPod touch. Download sites that charge per download fees are way higher for your wallet than to download unlimited iPod touch games 24/7as long as you are a member. Once you have signed up, all you have to do is pay the original subscription, and next you can download whenever you want, no question how multitude of files you seek to download and put in your iPod touch.

Grab your iPod touch games @ :

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How does the iPod Touch Wheel Work

The iPods have become a craze and a style statement for people who love music. They use them however they want, but are not at all interested in the technical functions or operations of the iPod. The touch wheel or click wheel is an important part of the iPod and is used for its operation. But how does the iPod touch wheel work? Let’s find out.

The touch wheel has become a trademark for Apple, the manufacturer of iPods. There are no other mp3 players that come incorporated with this smart feature. Without the touch wheel, the iPod would be of no use. It can be called as the ‘steering’ of the iPod, and is used to carry out all its operations and functions. The click wheel is round, and is used to browse through the interface, which may enable the user to select and listen to songs, watch videos, create playlists, view photos, play games, or listen to podcasts. It may also be used to reset the iPod if the iPod hangs.

When the iPod was first invented, it had a touch wheel-like button that performed only basic functions of the touch wheel. Even though it looked like a touch wheel, it was not, and did not have touch sensitivity. The later generation iPods like the ‘nano’ and ‘classic’ were incorporated with the actual touch wheel.

Touch Wheel and its Uses

There are five buttons under the wheel, which are used when the corresponding contacts on the wheel are pressed. The user does not directly press the button, but the corresponding contacts on the wheel make the buttons under the wheel operate according to their respective functions. The central select button is used for selection and is situated under the center of the wheel. The ‘menu’ button is used for accessing the main menu and is located under the top section of the wheel. The ‘play/ pause’ button is used for playing and pausing tracks or videos and also functions as an ‘off’ button, which is located under the bottom. There are two more buttons located under the right and left side, which are used for changing or forwarding and rewinding tracks. The ring is touch sensitive, and allows one to scroll through the content displayed on the screen, by sliding or moving a finger on it. To scroll downwards in the displayed list, one needs to slide a finger on the ring in a clockwise manner. To scroll upwards, the slide should be in an anticlockwise manner. Moreover, the slide also enables the user to increase or decrease the volume or brightness level.

How does the iPod Touch Wheel Work?

Button Functions

The backside of the touch wheel is placed in contact with the motherboard. When the user presses a contact on the wheel, it operates the button that is under the wheel. The buttons are directly connected to the motherboard. The base of every rubber button is made of metal, so when pressed, the circuit on the motherboard is stimulated. The motherboard sends a signal to the processor that the circuit is complete, and then the processor signals the operating system to perform the required function from the user.

Touch-sensitive Functions

Under the plastic cover of the touch wheel, there is a membrane embedded with metallic channels which intersect, producing a positional address. Electrical current is supplied by the system controller to the grid. Conductors are metal channels that carry current, and form the grid. When a second conductor that may be your finger, comes close to the touch wheel, the current tries to complete the circuit by flowing to the finger. But the touch wheel cover acts like a non-conductive material. As a result, the charge amplifies at a point on the grid which is closest to the finger. Such electrical amplification between two conductors is known as ‘capacitance’. The touch wheel controller plays a very crucial role in the ‘sensing’ function, and is programmed to measure variations in capacitance. The closer the finger goes to a point, higher would be the change in capacitance at that particular point. When such a change is detected by the touch wheel controller, it signals the microprocessor. When we slide our finger around the ring, the charge build-up moves according to the finger’s contact with the wheel. The controller gives away a signal every time when it senses capacitance at a specific point. In this manner, the touch wheel detects the speed of the movement on it. The microprocessor performs the needed function when it receives a signal from the controller. When there is no movement on the wheel, the controller is unable to detect changes in capacitance, and hence, doesn’t send any signals.

The touch wheel’s functions and operations are somewhat similar to a touch-pad on a laptop. This is how the amazing ‘touch wheel’ works, enabling us to perform various tasks on the iPod.

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By Stephen Rampur

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Configure The iPod Touch WiFi

Wi-fi is easy to set up – the iPod Touch automatically connects to unsecured wireless connections, and if you come to a secured connection, once you get the password in, the iPod will remember it indefinitely. If you are setting it up on your wifi network at home or at a friends’ house, you need to go into settings, select the network, and then enter the password and the encryption type. Once this has been done successfully, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore the iTouch will automatically reconnect to that connection whenever you are in range without having any type of setup.

Tip: Make sure that you have the wireless security features turned on.

How to configure The iPod Touch Wifi

1. Turn on your iPod.
2. If not at the home screen, press home button.
3. Tap settings button.
4. Tap wi-fi.
5. If broadcasting your ssid, choose from the ‘choose a network’ list.
6. If not broadcasting your ssid choose “other” under ‘choose a network’.
7. Under ‘name’ type your ssid.
8. Tap ‘security’ if you are using security and select your security type.
9. Tap the ‘other network’ button to get back to network setting.
10. Type in your security password, which is your key in your wireless network setting. Important *you must use key 1* in wireless setting.
11. Click ‘join’ after you have typed in your security password.
12. Your network name (ssid) should show in ‘choose a network’ with a check mark next to it.

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Movies For The iPod Touch – How To Download Movies For iPod touch

Ever since the iPod Touch was released into the market, people were crazy about it. With it, you will be able to listen to your favorite songs and you can even watch your favorite movies or videos with the latest generation iPod Touch. Just imagine, with iPod Touch, you will never get bored again. Try to put yourself in a situation where you can get bored. It can be at the airport waiting for your flight, or it can be in a bus on long trip from LA to Seattle. This can be a very boring situation to be in. You’re tired, can’t sleep because of the cramped spaces, and you absolutely have nothing to do. What more could be better if you have some sort of entertainment, such as having your iPod Touch with you? With your iPod Touch, you will be able to keep yourself entertained by watching your favorite movies.

The latest generation iPod Touch isn’t only capable of letting you watch videos, but it also has hundreds of gigabytes in memory. This means that you can store quite a lot of movies in it. However, before you connect your iPod Touch to your computer and start transferring your favorite movie files, you need to remember that iPod Touch only supports MP4 video format. This means that your popular AVI movies can never be played in your iPod Touch.

So, here is the step by step process on how you can download movies on to your iPod Touch.
If you already have movies stored in your computer but it is not in MP4 format, you can easily convert it by using a conversion software program that is designed to convert different video format to MP4. You will see that there is quite a lot of conversion software like this available for download over the internet. Install this in your computer and start converting your favorite movies to MP4 format movies.

After converting the movie files to MP4 format movies, the next step is to transfer the files to your iPod Touch. For this, you obviously need to connect the iPod Touch to your computer via the USB port. Then, open the iTunes or similar software program to synchronize your iPod Touch to the computer. Using iTunes or similar software, transfer the MP4 movies you converted earlier to your iPod Touch.

Now, all that’s left is unplug your iPod Touch from your computer, go out, and start watching your favorite movies. It’s that easy. However, if you find converting your movie files to MP4 format complicated, you may want to try downloading MP4 movies from the internet instead. Although you will need to pay for services like this, it is very convenient as the files will already be iPod Touch ready. After downloading the files from the internet, all you need to do is connect your iPod Touch to the computer and start transferring the files to your iPod Touch. As you can see, downloading movies on to your iPod Touch is not that hard. By just following these instructions, you will be able to watch your favorite movies in your iPod Touch while you are on the go.

Remember these tips and you will be able to start watching your favorite movies in your iPod Touch in no time at all.These are the methods on how you can download movies from your computer on to your iPod Touch. Through these tips, you will never be bored wherever you may be again.

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